The girl who travels: light hair bleached from the sun, tanned skin from always being outdoors. She would rather spend her time and money traveling than on a night out. She finds pleasure in the little things, sun sets, a good book, a cup of coffee, and long mornings. 
The girl who travels never feels like she is at home. A piece of her heart is left in each place she visits. 
She is open minded, free spirited, and creative. 
Although she left her heart behind with each place she visited, she also took something: 
Inspiration for the Brisa Del Mar collection came from the designer's travels over the past year: 
Mexico City, Mexico: The Esther Top 
Cozumel, Mexico: The Corona Print
Grand Cayman, The Cayman Islands: The Samba Print
Roatan, Honduras: Limoncello Bottoms
Jaguar Paw, Belize: The Belize Bikini
Bimini, The Bahamas: The Samoa Top
Asia, Peru: Seychelles Bikini Top
Ica, Peru: The Daquiri Bikini Bottoms
Tortola, The British Virgin Islands: Cachaca Bikini Bottoms
St. Thomas, The U.S. Virgin Islands: The Rio Bikini Top
San Juan, Puerto Rico: The Mojito  Bikini Bottoms
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The Esther Bikini Top with Cachaca Bikini Bottoms (Sand)
The Rio Bikini Top with Limoncello Bikini Bottoms (Corona Print)
The Seychelles Bikini Top with Limoncello Bikini Bottoms (Samba Print) 
The Belize Bikini Top with Limoncello Bottoms (Belize Print)
The Coachella Bikini (Pomegranate)
The Samoa Bikini Top with Cachaca Bikini Bottoms (Samba Print)