We won 'Swimwear of the Year'!

We are very excited to have won 'Swimwear of the Year' by Arts & Beauty, Beauty it's everywhere


Best Swimwear of the year 2017 Vizcaya Swimwear Beauty Its everyhwere


We have been working very hard to establish ourselves as the preferred swimwear for the pageantry industry. We currently are the official sponsors of many pageants including Miss United States, Miss Globe US, Miss Bikini US, Miss Universe Iceland and many more!

We are looking forward sponsoring more pageants and have our swimwear being worn by these beautiful ladies. We believe that swimwear is just a small part in a beauty pageant; it's all about the woman. Swimwear allows them to showcase their hard work on stage, and we are honored to be the company most pageant contestants choose to wear!

Thank you to everyone who supports us. From state and national directors, to many media outlets including Pageant Live, to all of you who have been so loyal to our brand.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Franz Orban & Lisa Opie

Vizcaya Swimwear team Franz Orban Lisa Opie Beauty its everywhere